Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kenzo Tiger Embroidery On Wool Knit Sweater !!!!

This sweater is fuckin amazin!!!
Besides it being one of the most popular and sought after sweaters (Kenzo tiger ) of the season, the embroidery on it is just beyond exceptional !!!!
For all you gals/guys in need of these Kenzo Tiger sweaters don't you worry, Even though they're sold-out on most websites and in most stores, the new Kenzo ss13 collection not only is bringing them back but is also offering them in black and other different colors (mostly muted), which will be hitting stores pretty soon, so be patient :) !!!
Takin a Selfie at work!!


  1. so in love!!! much better than the green n grey one!

  2. I am in love tooooooo! xxx